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What is Global 6K for Water?

The Global 6K for Water event, on 4 May 2019, is a global movement focused on raising money to help bring life-changing clean water to children and communities in need.  

Six kilometres is the average distance people in developing countries need to walk to get water. That’s why people from around the globe will walk or run that distance as part of this special event – raising funds to support World Vision’s water initiatives globally.  

In 2018, more than 48,000 people from churches, schools and organisations took part in Global 6K for Water, helping more than 63,000 people worldwide.  

How can I sign up for Global 6K for Water?

You can sign up as either a host (to run your own 6K for Water event), or participant (to join a pre-existing event and team).

To get started as a host, sign up now and someone from our team will get in touch. We’ll need details of your event including team name and location so that we can set up your personalised event page.

To join 6K for Water as a participant, sign up now and choose the relevant event location. You’ll be prompted to let us know if you’re joining as a student, teacher, church, or individual (other). You can also create – or join – your very own team!

Is this a new event?

This is the second time Global 6k for Water has been run by World Vision in Australia. The campaign originated in the USA and has been running for four years.

What date is the event?

The official date is Saturday 4 May 2019, but if that date isn't suitable you can hold the event anytime up until September. Just choose your preferred date when you sign up. 

What if I can’t host the event on Saturday 4 May?

You can host your own event at another time that suits you – just choose your preferred date when you sign up! 

What do hosts receive?  

Hosts will receive a host event kit with everything needed to plan your event. From setting up your team to how to promote your event and fundraise, we guide you through the process.   


Host kits will be sent out on 25 April. To keep costs to a minimum, we unfortunately won’t be able to provide you with a mailed host kit if you register after 11 April. But everything you need is available on the home page!  

What is a“host site”?

A host site is an organisation or individual who registers via the website to host their own Global 6K for Water event. You will be supported by World Vision Australia with planning guides, promotional posters and collateral to run your own event.

What happens if I sign up to host but can no longer run the event?

See if someone else can help by taking over the planning and running of the event. If for some reason this isn’t possible, people can still do the Global 6K for Water as a virtual participant. This means they will participate but not be involved in an official event, instead doing it at location and time of their choice.

What do participants receive? 

Participants will get their own personalised fundraising page to share with friends and family to help raise money. They will also receive emails with everything they need to know, including fundraising tips and tricks. Participants will not receive a mailed kit this year unless they raise $100 or more.  

Any participant who raises $100 or more will receive two 6K for Water sweatbands to wear around their wrists on race day. To keep costs to a minimum, we unfortunately can’t express post sweatbands. That’s why the cut-off date to receive your gift in time for race day is 11 April. If you raise $100 after 11 April, you will receive your gift after the event.  

What if I can’t participate on Saturday 4 May?

Participants can do the event“virtually”. You’ll still receive a personalised fundraising page but you can choose your own location and time. 

When is the last day to register as a Global 6K for Water participant?

Participants can register all the way up to (and on) race day. 

Can kids participate?

Yes! Families and children of all ages can participate in this event. Bring your pets too!

How much does it cost to join the event?

It’s free and open to all ages!

What if there isn’t an event near me?

No 6K near you – no worries! You can still walk or run your 6K as a virtual participant. You’ll still participate and fundraise as normal – you’ll just be doing the event at a time and place that works for you.

Do I have to be affiliated with a host site to participate or can I do it alone?

You can register as a “virtual” participant without being affiliated with a host site. 

How do teams work?

Each 6K event can have multiple teams – for example, if you’re organising 6K for Water at your school, you could have a different team for each year level participating. There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

Is this a timed race?

We won’t be collecting times, however you can encourage participants who want to time themselves to use a running app, or organise volunteers to time the event for you.

Do I need insurance to run my own event?

If you are hosting the event as a part of a school or organisation, it is likely to already have public liability insurance. World Vision insurance does not extend to third party events, and therefore hosts are required to organise their own. 

Who is Grace? Can I sponsor her?

Grace is a five-year-old girl from Uganda. She is one of millions of children around the world who don't have access to clean water close to home. While you can't sponsor Grace, you can sponsor another child living in a vulnerable community.

I’ve donated cash to a participant. How come my donation isn’t showing on their fundraising page?

Firstly, thank you! While your support makes a massive difference toward supporting World Vision's water initiatives globally, unfortunately cash donations will not display online. ​

What if I've raised $100 but haven't received my sweatbands?

All participants who raise $100 will receive two sweatbands to wear on race day. If you've raised $100 but haven't received them within two weeks, please email and we will assist.

Who do I contact with further questions? 

We’re here to help! Email us at and one of our staff will be in touch as quickly as possible. We can also troubleshoot by phone and email – or if your question is more in-depth, we can set up a time to talk via Skype. 

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